Our mission is to combine fashion with social responsibility. We are one. And that includes us, the others and the planet. So, in addition to our solidarity side, we do our best not to harm our planet.


Our jewels are made of 925 silver or 925 gold-plated silver and are packed in 100% sustainable boxes. They are made of recyclable, reusable and biodegradable cardboard, also recycled, where the jewels are placed - we don't use sponges. In addition, in each pack we include tips for reusing it.

Hair Clips

Unlike traditional ones (made of acrylic), our hair clips are made of cellulose acetate.

It is a material obtained from wood pulp and is highly biodegradable and of high quality. It is considered an ecological alternative to petroleum based materials.

The life cycle of cellulose acetate starts and ends in nature. Cellulose is obtnained from wood pulp. After synthesis of the cellulose acetate, it is processed into a variety of different products which then after usage biologically degrade to carbon dioxide and water nourishing plants and trees once again.



    Made by Petroleum

    Very Low Quality



    Cellulose Acetate

    Made by Plants

    Made to Last a Lifetime


We only work with suppliers we trust. We have a close relationship with them and ensure that they work ethically, respecting labor standards. The suppliers that are geographically far from us are Sedex members - which assure us that they work ethically.