“It all begun when my grandmother gave my mother a necklace. She never took it off again.
It’s made of gold but weighs almost nothing. It has no precious stones. It has almost no value and yet it has all the value in the world. And that’s what jewels represent for us. Stories. Memories. Feelings. Unity.
The idea of launching our jewellery brand stayed in our mind and during the lockdown we had time to think and felt even more deeply this spirit of unity.

And so the Equador brand was born. Just the word already transmits a whole imaginary that attracts us: pleasure, well-being, happiness. But for us there is something else, which after all was the beginning of everything: instead of being a dividing line, it’s a line that unites. It unites those who love someone, others, themselves. It unites those who love nature and beauty.
We hope that each piece will make someone happy and one day pass on to someone else. That’s how it all started. And it all starts over again.”

Ana Drummond (daughter)
Maria João Ribeiro (mother)