Jewelry Care


Silver is a delicate material and requires some specific care to preserve its appearance.

- Avoid contact with water (remove the rings to wash your hands and before going to the sea or swimming pool)

- Avoid contact with creams, perfumes and cosmetics

- Remove your parts before physical activity 

Reto throw your pieces before bed

-  Save the your silver pieces in a cool, dry place, away from humidity and direct sunlight. (you can store it in its original packaging)

Gilded silver pieces

The gold plating on silver pieces disappears over time, it is not a defect, but a natural process. The durability of the bath depends on the use and care given to the piece. The gold plating can be applied again. 

Silver pieces

Silver naturally undergoes a natural process of oxidation (darkening) over time and loses its shine. It is a natural process and can easily be resolved. 


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The pieces in the waterproof collection are made of stainless steel. But instead of being gold-plated to become golden, these pieces go through a coating process called PVD. This is the latest and most effective coating available on the market. The coating PVD which is turns the piece golden and has one 10x greater durability to traditional Gold-Plated. 

This means that the Gold has greater durability, far superior to gold-plated silver pieces.

Care to take: Avoid contact with chemicals (such as alcohol, perfumes, creams,…).

Cleaning: Soap and water with NEUTRAL PH.