Bloom collection, spring 2023.

Bloom collection, spring 2023.

Here comes the sun. Radiant smiles return, let’s go out and have some fun. Breathe, read, feel the beat. Repeat. Put the music on and dance in the grass. Relax. Enjoy nature intensely. Open your mind and invigorate your body. It’s time to bloom. More beautiful and healthy than ever. 


This collection is a spring celebration and everything it has to offer. Let's take you on a journey through beauty yes renovation that nature provides in this season. It's a time of Rebirth, a moment when everything is filled with cor It is life again.

We want to highlight the benefits that connecting with nature can bring to your daily life and encourage happy habits, so you can make the most of every moment of spring.

 When wearing the pieces from this collection, you will feel surrounded by nature. Each piece represents what is possible when we let ourselves be inspired. It's an opportunity to connect and find a balance that brings peace and serenity.

Join us in this spring celebration. Open up to the beauty that nature offers and experience all the benefits it can bring you. Let's enjoy this season together and let it inspire us to be happier.


Model: Leonor Macedo 

Photography: Miguel Magalhães

Make-up: Andreia de Almeida 

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